Support a Family at the 101 Concepts Lunch Buffet

10:04 am Feb. 26, 2015

If you’ve ever had a family member affected by a car accident, the Baldwin family’s story will resonate with you. This past December, their car was struck by a reckless driver, leaving the mother DeAnna

Atlanta Restaurant Openings & Closings for 2/25

3:43 pm Feb. 25, 2015

Restaurants are already making the decision to stay open or close this evening. Here’s the list, which we will update as information comes in.


Across the Street
Diesel Filling Station
Davio’s Atlanta
Empire State South
4th & Swift
Atkins Park
Miller Union
Last Word
Marlow’s Tavern (all locations)
Community Smith
Table & Main
Buckhead Life Restaurant Group- Buckhead Diner, Bistro Niko, Chops Lobster Bar, Atlanta Fish Market
D’Vine Bar
Bone Lick
Georgia Pine
Cypress Street
Grain Bar
STK Atlanta
Park Tavern
Noche- First 50 people to mention #ohsnowFREEQUESO
Hi-Five Diner
Republic Social


What are your essential “Snow Day” foods?

9:11 am Feb. 25, 2015

It’s now a waiting game for “winter weather.” At the grocery store this morning, I noticed most of the aisles were stocked, except milk was more scarce than usual. I had dinner last night with a group of food writers, and they were all discussing their pantry stocks:

a growler of craft beer
frozen pizza
Brasstown Beef
Atlanta Fish Market shrimp

A quirky list, yes, but it reveals the desires for comfort food and booze.

Wet aged steak (left) and dry aged  (right)

Oak Steakhouse restaurant review, Alpharetta

11:41 am Feb. 20, 2015

Oak Steakhouse
950 Third St., Alpharetta, 678-722-8333
1 star (good)

“It tastes the way a pet store smells,” said my wife, not sure how to react to the bite of dry-aged steak I had just offered her.

Me, I found