We’re busting our diet at this Marietta doughnut shop

Daily Donuts opened last year in Marietta. The Old Fashioned Doughnut, bottom right, is a must-try.

Daily Donuts opened last year in Marietta. Its Old Fashioned Doughnut (at bottom left), is a sour cream cake doughnut that ranks high in texture and taste.

DISH OF THE WEEK: Old Fashioned Doughnut from Daily Donuts

When we’re rushed for time, on the drive to work and in need of a morning sugar spike, Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme suffices. But mom-and-pop doughnut shops? Man, they are the best.

At Daily Donuts, which opened in Marietta last year, everything is fresh and delicious. Whether yeast-risen or made from a cake batter, the doughnuts here are remarkably moist. Glazes are smooth and flavorful instead of lumpy or greasy.

We’re stuffing the to-go box with an assortment of crumb doughnuts, apple fritters and glazed croissants, which see the flaky, buttery French pastry fried then dipped into that glorious sugar glaze.

All of these offerings make Daily Donuts a worthy stop, but the must-try is the Old Fashioned Doughnut.

Essentially a sour cream cake doughnut, the Old Fashioned Doughnut ranks high in both texture and taste. The rough-edged outside is crunchy and cracked, with that glaze finding its way into all the nooks and crannies. The interior is moist and just cakey enough, with each bite holding a slight tang reminiscent of decadent sour cream cheesecake.

Get that cup of coffee ready, this one’s for dunking.

Daily Donuts, 2555 Delk Road, Marietta. 678-540-7849.

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