Get your chocolate fix 4 ways in Atlanta

It’s never not a good time for chocolate. Here in Atlanta, local chocolatiers have been producing hand-crafted chocolates since the 1970’s. Whether passed down from family generations, or as the dream from a traveling couple, these four shops offer exquisite and unique crafted chocolates to eat today or the other 364 days of the year:

champagne truffles


Consider Kristin Hard, the founder and CEO of Cacao, as the chocolate maven of Atlanta. To say she is obsessed with chocolate is an understatement- Hard studied the cacao bean, its nutritional benefits and the process on making chocolate from bean to bar. As a bonus, Cacao was named as one of the best chocolates in the country last year by Food & Wine.

Cacao, multiple locations.


Chamberlain’s Chocolate

If you can think it, Chamberlain’s can dip it in chocolate. Since 1986, Chamberlain’s chocolate has churned out chocolate products: from gummy bears enrobed in chocolate to traditional house-made ganaches that fill truffles, creams, caramels and toffees.

Chamberlain’s Chocolate, 6365 Spalding Drive, Norcross. 678-728-0100,


Di’Amano Chocolates

The company’s name di’amano has many Italian meanings: di a mano means “of hand” and di’amano means “of love.” Either way, you know your gourmet chocolate was handmade with love. Their chocolate is sourced from a specific European chocolate producer, and their chocolatiers use old-world techniques in their chocolate production.

Di’Amano Chocolates, 1100 Hammond Dr., Atlanta. 770-730-9770,




The owners of Xocolatl, Elaine Read & Matt Weyandt, have a love story that couples dream of. The pair lived in Costa Rica and worked with cacao farmers and artisanal chocolatiers, and have taken their experiences to open their own micro-factory “bean-to-bar” chocolate shop. The Krog Street Market shop offers a variety of single-origin dark chocolate bars, where the cacao is sourced from six different countries: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Madagascar, Peru & Trinidad. It’s rare to find chocolate without cocoa butter, but their chocolate is made with just cocoa and cane sugar. Each bar offers a different flavor profile that ranges from earthy and nutty to buttery and fruity. Or, try something a little on the cooler side.

Xocolatl, Krog Street Market, 99 Krog St. NE, Atlanta. 404-604-9642,

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