Taste Test: Tabanero Hot Sauces

There are a lot of new products out there, and unfortunately for most people, not an endless supply of money. Should you spend your money on that watermelon slicer or that snack made out of crickets?  Don’t lose sleep over it –we’re here to help.

image1This week, we tried out three varieties of Tabanero Hot Sauce, a new line of hot sauces made in Florida, billing itself as “the most flavorful hot sauce in the world.”

So what’s the verdict? Not bad. Of the three, we liked Extra Hot the best, with Picante and Agave Sweet.

Check out our full taste test on Snapchat and check back in with the AJC Restaurant Blog for our taste and product tests — we only want you spending money on the most delicious and useful stuff (in the hopes you’ll invite us over for dinner).


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