The omelets at this restaurant are among the best in Atlanta

Bread & Butterfly makes one of Atlanta's most simple, eloquent renditions of a classic omelet. Photo:

Bread & Butterfly makes one of Atlanta’s most simple, eloquent renditions of a classic omelet. Photo:

Dish of the Week: Omelette du Jour at Bread & Butterfly

The egg is one the world’s most perfect foods. It is as if the chicken, a notoriously unintelligent animal, somehow dreamed up the ideal combination of fat and protein into a precisely-portioned vessel. However perfect it might be, though, the French somehow figured out how to improve eggs, mostly the same way the French improved everything else: with more butter.

Bread & Butterfly, Inman Park’s charming French bistro, happens to turn out one of Atlanta’s most simple, eloquent renditions of an omelet. It starts, of course, with good eggs that the restaurant buys from Many Fold Farm, whenever available. Those orange-yolked beauties are whipped ultra-smooth and cooked into a delicate roll with plenty of butter.

On the plate, this pure expression of egg and butter is hardly adorned with anything, a little sprinkle of finely chopped herbs or microplane-shaved Parmesan. A leafy green salad makes it a meal, but the texture of the omelet is the real attraction here: the delicately cooked exterior giving way to a creamy, oozing center. Forget the plane ticket to Paris. This is as good as it gets.

Bread & Butterfly, 290 Elizabeth St., Atlanta. 678-515-4536,


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