11 Celebrities that have dined in Atlanta

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Ryan Gosling at Buckhead Diner

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and that leads us to reflect on the celebrity scene in Atlanta. If you didn’t know, Atlanta is turning into the Hollywood of the South. While actors are in the city filming, or musicians and comedians are touring, they make appearances at Atlanta restaurants. Here’s the who, what and where of celebrity dining in Atlanta.

Buckhead Diner
The Celeb: Ryan Gosling
The Order: Maytag blue cheese chips ​and “sweet-heat” Thai chili calamari.
He was in town filming “The Nice Guys” with Russell Crowe. ​

Ryan Gosling  at Buckhead Diner

Ryan Gosling at Buckhead Diner

Chops Lobster Bar
The Celebs: Jerry Seinfeld and George Wallace
The Order: USDA prime aged beef.

George Wallace at Chops Lobster Bar

George Wallace at Chops Lobster Bar

The Celeb: Shaq and his wife
The Order: He had the chicken Parmesan and she had the pennesmoked chicken, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and walnut cream sauce.


Davio’s penne and smoked chicken

Del Frisco’s Grille
The Celeb: Andre 3000 of Outkast
The Order: Deviled eggs, Kale & brussels sprouts salad.

Del Frisco's Kale & Brussel Sprout Salad

Del Frisco’s Kale & Brussel Sprout Salad

The Celeb: Jon Bernthal
The Order: Lamb and mortadella meatballs.
He also ran lines for his upcoming movie at the bar.

Ecco's lamb & mortadella meatballs

Ecco’s lamb & mortadella meatballs

Le Bilboquet
The Celeb: Robert DeNiro
The Order: Tuna tartare, grilled squid and off-menu specialties such as escargot.
In one week, he dined during lunch and dinner service and always snagged a seat at table 21.

Le Bllboquet's Tuna tartare (Photo credit Heidi Geldhauser)

Le Bllboquet’s Tuna tartare (Photo credit Heidi Geldhauser)

One Sushi Plus
The Celeb: Ludacris
The Order: Yellowtail jalapeño shots.

One Sushi Plus' yellowtail jalepeno shots

One Sushi Plus’ yellowtail jalepeno shots

St. Cecilia
The Celeb: Selena Gomez
The Order: Pappardelle with lamb bolognese.
She also signed a menu for Craig Richards’ daughter.

St. Cecelia's

St. Cecelia’s Pappardelle with lamb bolognese

True Food Kitchen
The Celeb: Sam Smith and friends
The Order: The table enjoyed several dishes including the Teriyaki brown rice bowl, panang curry, shaved turkey pita and vegetable crudité.

True Food Kitchen's vegetable crudites

True Food Kitchen’s vegetable crudites

The Celeb: Jennifer Lawrence
The Order: Spicy tuna crispy rice and black cod misoyaki.
She always orders a dirty martini to start.

Umi's black cod misoyaki

Umi’s black cod misoyaki

Varuni Napoli
The Celeb: Ludacris
The Order: Pako pizza, buffalo mozzarella, eggplant parmesan, meatballs and stuffed eggplant.
It also happened to be pasta night at the restaurant so the table was served fresh pasta with tomato and Bolognese sauce.

Ludacris and owner Luca at Varuni Napoli

Ludacris and owner Luca at Varuni Napoli



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