7 Ways to Eat Red Velvet

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credit: Southern Art

Does anyone else get a hankering for red velvet confections in February? We certainly do. There’s something about the combination of cocoa, red food coloring and creamy butter that turn sweets from just blah to ooh la-la! It’s an added plus that red velvet is visually appealing; its deep red color makes us think of romance. We’ve got a few suggestions to mix up the classic red velvet cake. How will you eat your red velvet this month?

credit: Southern Art

credit: Southern Art

In a Super Stacked Cake
Southern Art
Well okay, we did put one cake in here. But Southern Art’s red velvet 12-layer cake is no small feat to eat. This slice towers over your plate as white pillowy layers break up the rich red cake for a heavy dose of creamy frosting.

credit: Davio's

credit: Davio’s

In an Ice Cream Sandwich
Del Frisco’s Grille Atlanta
Yes, it’s cold outside, but after a hearty meal, you’ll welcome an ice cream sandwich. Del Frisco’s version sandwiches vanilla ice cream between two red velvet waffles. It’s crisp on the outside but one bite will give you chills.

credit- Second Self

credit- Second Self

In a Beer
Second Self Beer Company
On February 1, Second Self released their “Bleeding Heart” specialty craft beer. The brew was three years in the making, where the crew mirrored it after a classic red velvet cake recipe. The amber ale is reddish in color and a swig finishes with hints of cocoa and vanilla.

credit- Sublime

In a Donut
Sublime Doughnuts
Yes, the red velvet doughnut is worth every calorie. It’s moist, cakey and the mound of cream cheese frosting is adorned with pecans, lending to a nutty crunch. They even leave out the hole in the middle so you get that much more out of your bite.

In an Oreo
And for nostalgic purposes, Oreo released Red Velvet Oreos for the month of February. Surprisingly, the cookies are not red in color, but these Oreos are supposed to have a cream cheese filling. Tasters would tell you, the cookie has a slightly subtler cocoa flavor and the filling is creamier, but it’s still up to debate if it truly tastes like red velvet cream cheese.

credit: Yeah! Burger

credit: Yeah! Burger

In a Shake
It’s only fitting for the “shake of the month” to be red velvet. A blend of red velvet custard, organic cream cheese, hormone-free milk and High Road Craft soft serve vanilla ice cream lends itself to a bright pink glass adorned with a peak of whipped cream. Each sip is luscious and filling.

credit-  Jon Hardy

credit- Jon Hardy

In a Waffle
Chicken and waffles just got an upgrade. New on Chick-a-Biddy’s menu is their sweet red velvet waffles. When paired with their crispy fried chicken, it makes for a savory breakfast combo. Especially when honey butter and syrup pools in your waffles and softens them up.

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