What are your Holiday Traditions?

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Every year on Christmas Eve, my family ventures to a cheesy, “Benihana” style Japanese steakhouse. It’s nothing special- but my family took joy in the frivolous experience- piles of rice scattered across the grill and the challenge to catch shrimp in our mouth. The tradition has been ingrained in my memory since 1997.

But in recent years my taste buds need more to be satisfied. I’ve begged my family for a different experience; let’s try the prix fixe menu. How about a tasting menu? What about the feast of the seven fishes? We are Italian after all.

Still no budge. It seems this Wednesday I’ll find myself sitting in front of a chef, who is pounding knives against a steel grill in an attempt to make rackety rhythm. I say I hate it, but it’s familiar, and it feels like the holidays.

What are your family dining traditions during the holidays?

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